Update 7/1/2018

Lockers Available For Immediate Move In

(1) 20 cs* Locker 

(2) 16 cs* Lockers

(1) 10 cs* Locker 

(1) 300 cs* Large Shelved Walk In (Wait List)

(1) 175 cs* Junior Shelved Walk-In (Wait List)

(2) 130 cs* Junior Shelved Walk-In (Wait List)

(2) 90  cs* Double Locker 

(1) 45 cs* Locker

We have Upper Level Lockers Available too!


If you have wine that you know you won’t be touching for a few years, I recommend an upper level locker. They cost 35% less. We would be happy to help you move in.




Call for Prices

(949) 231-1210




 Racking options available



Call for Prices and Details


We now have 9 & 12 Case* lockers

Call for availability

(949) 231-1210

* Locker sizes are calculated using standard Bordeaux  boxes. 13 1/2″ x 10 1/4″ x 12 1/2″. Larger boxes and boxes containing shipping materials will reduce case capacity.


“I picked this place because it was the cheapest place around to store my wine but, as it turns out, Legend Cellars has a lot more to offer than your average wine storage place.”

5 Star Average on Yelp

Legend Cellars is Orange County’s wine storage solution. We offer secured storage in our 13,000 square foot warehouse, which is monitored by camera, motion detection, and local security patrol, 24 hours a day. The facility is maintained at a temperature of 57 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of 65%. You’ve invested time and money in the careful selection of your wine. Proper storage is essential to the optimal maturation of your prized wine. Temperature control is the most important factor. Humidity is an important consideration to keep the cork moist. Lastly, wine should be stored in darkness in order to retain it’s clarity, aroma and flavor. Legend Cellars understands these elements and has built a facility that ensures you enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

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